Some Why? Questions


Why? The Hickman Healing Foundation is Seeking Basic Causes --- Asking "Why" Questions.

Modern science has discovered the answers to many "Why?" questions. We know about bacterial and virus infections. Psychiatry and psychology provide an undestanding of many behavioral problems. But, what about the situations where the best of our current traditional methods provide only limited results, or none at all? Why? Why does my loved one not benefit from traditional medical care? Why has my child's behavior suddenly become a problem? Why is my friend's (or my) life such a miserable mess?

When the traditional methods of healing or counselling work, rejoice, be thankful, and go on with your life. The Hickman Healing Foundation is interested in investigating the situations where the best of treatments fail. Why??

The Hickman Healing Foundation has found answers to some of the "Why Questions". We are searching for answers to more of the questions. And, very importantly, we want to share these answers with everyone.

When we know "Why?", we can, at times, remove the cause and relieve the situation with no further intervention. In other cases, removing the cause makes it possible for traditional methods to work effectively.

There are two situations where the "Why?" Question is particularly important:

1. Where there is a sudden, unexplained change in a person's health or behavior.

2. When there is a chronic problem that has not been relieved by traditional methods.

The mission of the Hickman Healing Foundation is to answer as many of the "Why? Questions" as possible.