Established as a living memorial to Jack Hickman, 1911/1991


1. To sponsor research into causes of human physical, mental, emotional behavioral dysfunction, particularly of conditions for which traditional health professionals have failed to find solutions.

2. To fund writing and publishing of findings and to make such publications available to the public.

3: To seek methods of diminishing or eliminating the causes of human ills, and promote the use of methods we find to be beneficial. Research will include but not be limited to the use of non-directive hypnotherapy and depossession and will exclude the use of all pharmaceutical agents as research elements.

4. To study stress-producing factors arising from environmental and economic conditions and seek ways of eliminating these factors.

5. To establish a library to preserve books and other documents valuable to our purpose.

6. To educate through lectures, seminars, essays, pamphlets, books and radio or television programs in which we report our findings.

7. To encourage through membership and by public access, application of remedial techniques and programs that we develop.

8. To provide training in the application of helpful techniques and modalities which we find to be effective.

In January, 1998, Dr. Irene Hickman established the Hickman Healing Foundation, dedicated to research into reasons for dysfunction of several varities.

Soon after graduating from The College of Osteopathic Phvsicians and Surgeons in June of 1949, she became aware that much that she had been taught in medical school was failing to produce expected results. She sought answers else-where.

After exploring the effectiveness of medical hypnotherapy, beginning in September of 1950, she discovered and developed techniques of non-directive· hypnotherapy, which is based on the concept that there is somewhere in the human mind a place where information is stored that can answer such questions as: 1. What is the problem?, 2. What has caused or contributed to the problem?, 3. What needs to be done to correct the problem? She calls this part of the mind "The Inner Wisdom". She also found that the patient in a relaxed state of hypnosis could access this source of information. Her book, Mind Probe---Hypnosis 1983, details many interesting cases in which this approach was used, resulting in medical success stories in situations where traditional medical treatment had failed.

In May, 1989, she was trained in the elements of releasing attached spirit entities or clinical depossession. The concepts originated from the stories of how Jesus' healings included the casting out of unclean spirits and demons

From that training, she developed very effective techniques for detecting, identifying and convincing attached entities, either Earth-bound or "dark," to leave their host and go to a better place, taking with them whatever trouble they may have been causing their host. This work is detailed in her book, Remote Depossession, 1994. She and her associates have produced remarkable results in cases where previous more traditional treatment had been ineffective. Dr. Hickman is an internationally known lecturer and trainer in the techniques of Non-directive Hypnotherapy and Depossession, including Remote Depossession.

It is expected that the Hickman Healing Foundation, a membership and volunteer organization, will be able to further test the concepts described in Dr. Hickman's books and publicize our findings. We actively seek as research subjects. cases for which other treatments have fallen short.

We also seek members who would like to be involved in solving problems for which solutions have been elusive. Membership is open to all, without preference of gender, age, race, religion or ethnic origin.

Seeking Basic Causes --- Asking "Why" Questions

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